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On Friday we went to the doctor and we felt like we were going to be having the baby any minute (Doctor also did as well). We came home packed hospital bags, cleaned, tried to get everything ready....and then have been sitting on pins and needles. I lost my plug on Sunday night and was having cramping so the doctor wanted me to go into the hospital to get checked Monday. I did and the nurse basically wasn't to nice/gentle/friendly and made us feel dumb. She said it could be weeks still. So what I've learned is:

Trust my body! I will know when I'm in labor and when I need to get to a hospital or call the midwife. I had no idea prior to that doctors appointment that I was as far along as I was, and I honestly liked it better that way. Last night I made peace with myself about this and so did Ryan and I slept through the entire night without waking up at every little pain! So end of the isn't ready yet, and when he/she is....I'm ready for you to come and join our family! I just don't want to be waiting on pins and needles :)

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