Amanda (zechal) wrote,

37 weeks and counting

So we made it to 37 weeks (as of Friday) and still no baby :) I went back to work yesterday and was able to finish all of my paperwork and clear my desk out, it feels nice to be done. I do go back tomorrow and Thursday unless the baby comes before then. They still haven't given me the other contract to review yet, so I don't know whats happening with that.

We had a natural birth friendly class on Saturday and it was really neat. We learned a bunch of relaxation techniques to use during labor and then created birthing plans. They practiced different massage techniques, heat and cold therapy, etc. It really gave us some great ideas to use during the actual labor. Ryan even liked the class so that was refreshing!

As I sit here and write this the three pets (Oscar, Chick and Nugget) are all sitting in front of the french doors in the sunlight. I don't think Nugget realizes Oscar is near her, she normally hates him! So cute!

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