Amanda (zechal) wrote,

8 weeks

Rozlynn was 8 weeks on Saturday and I absolutely can't believe how fast the time is flying by. Sometimes I look at her and am just amazed that I gave birth to her and that she is mine. I love that she is getting older and developing her own personality. I love the fact that she will sit with Ryan and jabber back and forth with him. She's starting to use her arms and is grabbing at her toys on her exercise gym. I guess the best way to sum it up is I love her so much, seriously no other way to describe it!

Ryan and I are still adjusting to parenthood it is true challenge to find the right balance! Seriously baby comes first at all times and that is such a change from before. Car rides were a serious challenge with Rozlynn screaming in the back, one of us sitting next to her, trying to calm her, and trying to talk...ugh those car rides were miserable. Now she is enjoying..well that may be do strong but at least she isn't screaming in the car!

My absolute favorite time with Rozlynn is our quiet time in the morning after Ryan leaves for work and all the animals settle back down. She will wake up and just cuddle and she smiles and smiles just for me! She is such a happy baby in the morning, love it!

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