Amanda (zechal) wrote,

Been awhile

Wow it's been awhile since I've posted in here! Life has been busy! Rozlynn is 14 weeks old and changing every day! I loved her when I first saw her, but the love I have for her has grown so much over the past few weeks. She is developing her own little personality and loves to talk, smile, laugh, grab her toys, etc. I was honestly somewhat worried when she was first born because you hear everyone talk about loving their babies....and I loved her, no doubt about that but now understand what everyone was talking about!

So some people may not know this about Ryan and I, but we are taking a very natural minded route with parenting. We co-sleep (baby in bassinet in bedroom),no vaccinations, breastfeed, and had Rozlynn at home (water birth). So all of the research we did to lead us to these decisions, have lead me to look into becoming a doula, or in simple terms a labor support. When I first got pregnant I came across that word and looked into it, and thought it would be wonderful to have a support in the delivery room, especially after being in the room for my nephew Matthew's birth, I just knew that having another person in there would be wonderful. Well, after a lot of searching and coming up empty handed we found a midwife who was willing to act as a doula for us. Well, after several meetings with her we decided on a homebirth instead, but I would like to offer doula services to women/husbands/family in my county who are not comfortable with an out of hospital birth. I've been looking into two different programs in Michigan that follow the DONA certification process. Both have two different programs, one of which is a pretty fluid process that is done at your own pace. You do have to go to weekend long classes, but I can fit those into my schedule when I'm ready. So I'm printing off all of the materials describing the process and will go from there. I think this will be a great service for my county and can't wait. I love that I can do this at my own pace and get involved in births. I also had an awesome midwifery apprentice who came to my birth who I've stayed in close contact with, who is going to help me through this journey. I would love to work with her some day!

Crazy I started my college journey in Criminal Justice and am now getting my MSW in Clinical Social Work (I'll be done in May 2011) and now I'm being lead to this. I'm very excited and Ryan is 100% supportive of my decisions! I think having my MSW can help me a great deal when becoming a doula and when helping clients!

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