Amanda (zechal) wrote,

Soo tired

Ugh Rozlynn has been going through some sort of crazy sleep regression. She was doing so great, sleeping from 8pm-1:30 am and then typically until 6:30 or so. Lately she's been going to bed at 10, up at 12:30 or 1 and pretty much every 1-2 hours after that. Hoping now that the holidays are over that we can get back to our routine and have her in bed asleep by 9 every night, we shall see how this goes!

Tonight a kitchen remodel guy is coming over to talk to us about our options for countertops. We decided that we are going to paint the cupboards a dark brown and do a lighter countertop. We can't afford to redo everything so we decided we would get the most out of getting new countertops and adding a backsplash. Our kitchen is pretty big, so just the countertops will add up. We are also going for a laminate instead of a solid surface, because of the price. At least this is what we have planned, we'll see what this guy has to say when he comes to check everything out. We are also going to hire the painter who did our living room to paint the kitchen because we have some cracks and things that need to be repaired. It shouldn't be too much for him to paint the kitchen and the ceiling. I can't wait to get the kitchen counters redone, right now they are a lovely bright blue! Hopefully it will be done before summer!

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