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I just opened an email from my mom and found out that my cousin Jason committed suicide. It just makes you relive some moments in your life or revisit memories. I remember my cousin Jason at my Grandpa Zech's funeral and how upset he was. I remember seeing him cry and hugging my dad. This past summer we had a party for another cousin and Jason was there. He went up to my dad in his wheel chair and squatted down and talked with him for a long time. I know my dad has always felt somewhat responsible for Jason as he is his God Father, and is very close with my Uncle Joe (Jason's dad). I know that Jason's death will be hard on a lot of people and I'm thinking of them.

Suicide is such a sickly amazing thing. I mean know one can possibly understand the darkness that these individuals must have felt at the time, that lead them to that decision. I've dealt with a lot of suicide attempts at work but all were superficial. Ryan's grandfather also committed suicide, and most of the male relatives on his father's side have as well. I think that as a society we need to be aware of suicide and become better educated on the topic. I think too often we see the stereotypical suicide or the glamorous suicides. It makes me sick, and my heart is breaking for his family right now, because there's no understanding where he was in his own mind right now.

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